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How I tried to cure myself naturally

By October 14, 2018 6 Comments

Who I am now is very different to the person I was 2.5 years ago. I was absolutely no picture of health that’s for sure! I ate anything and everything. I didn’t set myself any boundaries to what I put into my body. Nor did I ever do my own research into food and chemical based products. Sure, I tried dieting but of course that never lasted. And I didn’t even consider what was in the products I was using. I just had no idea – until I got diagnosed with cancer that is. Back then though, I wouldn’t have realised it as it just felt like it was the “norm”.

Choosing to stop chemo and try cure myself was one of my biggest decisions and mine alone. I had a strong desire to give it my best shot. Which I did. I gave it my absolute all! I’m not too sure why it didn’t work in the way I had hoped for, but I have gotten to know people who are living proof that it does work. And it makes total sense as to how it can. Just to name a few..

  1. Food is fuel. What you eat goes hand in hand with your health. If you eat well, I can guarantee you’ll feel amazing from the inside to the outside. But if you eat processed foods and junk etc, I can imagine you’d feel pretty crap. I know this because I’ve been there. It’s one of the biggest leading causes to disease’s such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. You just need to look on the back at the label and there are so many additives that you probably have never even heard of or don’t know what they are. It also plays a role in skin issues, your mood, your energy and so on. Food can also play a major role in your mental health.
  2. There are so many chemicals in so many things these days. And your skin is one of your largest organs. So what you put on it, it absorbs! Obviously chemicals are toxic and harmful to the human body and can cause a lot of health issues.
  3. Your mind is the most powerful thing everrrr! Stress, anxiety, depression is all controlled by your mind. Which also can create disease and leave you feeling at a low.

What I do know is that it helped me in so many other ways.

I changed the way I eat and drink. From fast food, sugar, meat, dairy, gluten, processed foods, soft drink and alcohol to an organic plant based diet and clean water. Seriously guys, best thing I could have ever done for myself. When healing your body, it’s important to have a clean, alkaline environment. I stopped drinking tap water! As it contains chlorine and fluorine. I had green drinks such as chlorella in my smoothies. Yes, of course it was hard at first and boy did I just want a steak or some m&m’s (they were my favourite chocolate). But as I pulled myself further away from them my body re-adjusted. To the point where I tried a little bit of meat and I ended up with cramps. That was it for me. Honestly, I remember saying I could never live without meat, chocolate or alcohol. But it’s 100% true that your body adjusts and you start feeling 10 x better and waaayy more energy! Once you start feeling so amazing inside you’ll never go back! I was also having about 6 green juices a day. It wasn’t easy trying to get them all down I won’t lie.

I switched from every chemical product to natural. And I mean everything. From shampoo and conditioners, soap, toothpaste, deodorant to cleaning products. You don’t need chemically based products. I just don’t understand why it’s added into things!?

I was super lucky and I’m super grateful to have two amazing humans in my life who own a plant based cafe with an enormous amount of knowledge behind healing your body naturally as they have done it themselves on their own journeys. They helped me grow and learn from the beginning with so much guidance.

Okay so a couple of years ago this may have sounded a little embarrassing to put up for everyone to read.. BUT (pun intended) I’ve spoken about it so often that it’s pretty normal to me now. Colonic Irrigations – What is it? Awkward was the only word I could use when I first had a tube inserted into my bum. Initially, I felt like all my dignity was completely gone – and there was no coming back from this now. But once we started going I became more relaxed. The lady I go to is AMAZING by the way. I wouldn’t go anywhere else unless she stopped doing it obviously. So basically, warm, filtered water is gravity fed through the tube and into the colon to remove any toxic waste. The benefits of having this done are amazing, such as lower risk of disease,reduce toxic waste and absorption, increased digestive function, increases elimination of parasites and bad bacteria, clears the lymphatic system and so much more. Google it. At the end my therapist would also combine it with an enema and put back in herbs.

And that brings us to the next uncomfortable topic.. Enemas which is similar to a colonic. So same deal. Coffee enemas work by removing toxins accumulated in the liver. Toxic build ups can lead to disease.

I started going to this holistic practice that use’s vitamin c infusions as it’s said that when you receive vitamin c through the vein it can reach much higher levels in the blood than taken by mouth. It’s also said to slow growth of cancer.

Don’t even get me started on hyperthermia treatment. Look, it just wasn’t for me and it was extremely uncomfortable. I wouldn’t ever try it again, but hey – I was desperate! Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I ended up coming across a beautiful, young girl who has been battling cancer for quite a while now. I saw that she had cured herself with natural remedies along with a plant based lifestyle and cannabis oil. I truly believe in cannabis oil for medicinal purpose’s! The science behind it is amaaazing! A lot of people are either using it for cancer and other disease, epilepsy, stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation and many more. I got into contact with her straight away to find out where she sourced it from and started on it myself!

A positive mind set is honestly such a powerful tool to master. And I can confidently say 90% of time time I’m a happy lil vegemite. But in saying this, it has taken me a good 2 years to get to this point. It doesn’t happen over night and you’ve got to do the work. I started from day dot of my diagnosis and I have consistently worked on myself since. And believe me it makes for such a more peaceful life. Sure I’ve had a heck of a lot of set backs. Is any life journey smooth? I don’t think so. But each one I’ve become more stronger in the way I deal with those. I started off with meditating which I did have some good ones but I personally found it really hard. But for me, just sitting down the beach by myself gives me so much more clarity. I’ve also had a lot of help from family and friends who have encouraged me and built me up along the way and therapists such as councillors and to my surprise kinesiologists. Just recently I have found the most amazing kinesiologist through a friend of mine and I swear she has transformed me in such a small amount of time this year. But I chose to listen to her and take it on board. Honestly though, I’ve met some pretty amazing people along the way and each and every one of them has helped me in some way. I developed so much gratitude towards life which I believe then makes for a more positive outlook. When you have gratitude you are then able to take the good from a bad situation. For me now, it comes naturally. But originally I would sit myself down and make myself write down things I was grateful for that day. I’ve also done a lot of inner work on myself. Look, I’m far from perfect. I believe no one is ever really “perfect” But you do have the ability to make change as best you can where it is needed. And life is so much more beautiful when you do!

I still combine natural remedies where I can whilst I’m doing chemotherapy/immunotherapy – some I’m not allowed to as it interacts with my current treatment. But I still live a clean and healthy lifestyle as best I can (apart from chemotherapy and all the medication that comes with it) I cannot wait to be off it all!! But, It’s saving my life and I’m truly grateful for that and the chance to live my dreams happily and healthy!



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